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Honeymoon Planning Through a Pandemic

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Planning a wedding can be stressful and difficult, but planning during a pandemic can add another layer of stress to any bride. COVID-19 took its toll on the wedding industry this year. Numerous wedding vendors are having to make adjustments in their protocols and processes to adjust to the world’s new normal and the travel industry is no different. But don’t worry, you can still have your dream honeymoon!

It’s quite possible to think, “COVID-19 has affected the hotel and airline industry in a positive way.” Hotels and airlines have implemented new cleaning and social distancing protocols to make their customers feel safe and clean. Hotels have increased their level of sanitation such as sanitizing guests’ hands, shoes, and luggage upon arrival. Accommodations have increased their frequency for cleaning high-touch point areas and provided social distancing rules in high traffic areas such as hotel lobbies, restaurants, bars, pools, gyms, and spas. Airline companies are making it a priority to sanitize after every flight. Other precautions that airlines are taking are requiring masks worn throughout the entire flight, leaving the middle seat open for social distancing, and adding filtration systems on planes to help filter and recirculate the air from the cabin and mix it with fresh air. All these best practices give honeymooners peace of mind while traveling during these not-most-ideal times. After the flight, newlyweds are just steps away from relaxing on a sandy beach with a cocktail in hand.

As a travel advisor, it is my responsibility to share travel tips with my clients. Adding a pandemic into the mix, I have a few more helpful tips to add to that list. Here are some tips if you’re traveling within the next few months:

1. Check local requirements and restrictions: Before traveling to your honeymoon destination, be sure to check the protocols of your destination. Some governments have stricter rules than others such as requiring a face mask in public places, enforcing a curfew, or not opening public beaches. Checking beforehand or speaking to your travel agent about your destination can save you from having an unpleasant travel experience.

2. Fill out the COVID-19 form: All airports require passengers to be screened before takeoff. The screening is just a questionnaire with typical COVID-19 questions about symptoms, travel outside of the country, and potential exposure. Numerous airports have the form available online to fill out before arriving, I highly suggest filling out the screening a day before.

3. Carry a COVID-19 travel kit: This kit should consist of a face mask, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and snacks. Having all these things in your personal bag or carry-on luggage will prepare you for the airport and flight.

4. Practice social distancing: Airports and hotels have signage to make following the social distancing rules simple. Be aware of your surroundings and keep a distance of 6 feet between you and the other travelers.

As a travel planner, Travel Queen offers personalized travel planning and concierge services. This saves you time and offers convenience leaving you to enjoy your adventures or relaxing honeymoon. We partner with the best hotels, excursions, sites, and experiences your destination has to offer in this post-COVID world while prioritizing your specific needs and desires. We will also ensure your safety by selecting airlines and accommodations that are using best practices and following CDC guidelines during these pandemic times.

The start of the perfect honeymoon begins with a travel expert. At the Travel Queen agency, our expert Travel Queen curates custom packages who bring your travel dreams to life no matter what the circumstance. Whether you are planning a romantic honeymoon, bachelorette party, or an adult weekend getaway, our Dallas boutique travel agency provides the service you need.

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