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How Traveling Together Makes Couples Stronger

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

It seems that every year in February, the topic of conversation turns to romance travel. While Valentine’s Day reminds us of the importance of spending time with the person we love, travel advisors know romance travel is one of the best ways to set aside this time.

Travel Queen helps couples plan and take romantic vacations all year long. These types of trips remain as popular as family vacations and multi-generational trips because, like these, romantic vacations empower couples to set aside their busy schedules and focus on one another. Vacations help couples reconnect through experiences, relaxation, and trust.


Vacations give us the chance to see new places and try new things. While these are exciting in themselves, they also give us a chance to have memorable experiences together. Snorkeling among colorful fish, taking a cooking class, or touring an iconic site are just a few of the ways couples break from their routine during their vacation.

At Travel Queen, we love to suggest booking an excursion or tour as part of our clients’ vacation experience. Recommendations for excursions, tours, and things to do are based on your interests gathered by our questionnaire. Vacations are the perfect opportunity to try something new, as it can become your favorite memory of the trip!


Our lives are busier than ever before. It can be a challenge to set aside time when there are dishes to be done, yard work to do, or a “someday” project that has been put off a few weeks or months in a row. One of the most exciting things about taking a couples’ vacation is having the chance to set aside all the to-dos and spend quality time together. Whether it’s watching the waves come into shore or a five-course candlelit dinner, the moments' couples spend together can mean the world when they’ve returned home.


On vacation, we become reconnected with our best selves. We let the stress of work and other obligations fall away. Vacations give us the chance to sleep in and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to greet the day. We choose the activities, food, and schedule that allows us to find our own path to happiness. Vacationing gives us the chance to be our well-rested, care-free, best selves for each other, and helps remind couples why they love one another.


Travel has its difficult moments. Maybe his luggage is lost. Maybe your flight is delayed. Maybe you get lost in a new city. While these moments can be frustrating at the time, they bond people together and become the stories we tell years later. When we travel with someone, we count on them. We put our trust in them. Traveling is a chance to say to one another, “I’m here, even when things don’t go as planned.” The connections couples make on vacation are powerful ones, and they help lay a foundation that makes for many happy years to come.

Are you interested in reconnecting with your significant other on vacation? Let Travel Queen plan your next romantic getaway to a dreamy destination. View our services to get started.

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